Saving + Spending

And how to do it smartly

I am someone who loves to spend the money that I earn. After all, don't I deserve to spoil myself a little for all of my hard work? The answer is yes, totally, but that doesn't mean that I should do it mindlessly. It is important to be mindful of your spending. On the other hand, I am also someone who loves to save. I have tons of things I want to save money for, like travel, college expenses, and investing. In order to both spend and save responsibly, you have to think.

First, let's think about where this money is coming from. It's important to understand debit, credit, and different accounts. This section is important for everyone, even if you already feel like you understand different cards + accounts, please check it out!

Now let's think about all the different places that money is going to. That brings us to budgeting! There is no "one fits all" way to budget, but this section will take you through my recommendations. 

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